Welcome to Body & Soul!
Located in Centreville, Virginia. We create highly detailed,
one of a kind, three-dimensional plaster lifecasts and
pregnant belly masks.

Baby hand and foot casts


Our children grow so fast, and before we know it, their childhood remains only in our memories.
Body & Soul will produce an exact replica of your child's hand or foot creating a lifesize, timeless memory to share with family and friends in the years to come.
Your cast will capture the size, shape, and contours of your child's hand or foot at that moment in time. What a great gift for yourself or for members of your family!

See more examples in our Gallery.

Mother with adult child hand cast


As adults, we have so many commitments in our lives that we often let time pass us by and forget the important things, such as the connections we have with our loved ones.
Body & Soul can produce a cast of an adult holding hands with an elderly parent or grandparent, or siblings holding hands.
For a marriage, we can cast husband and wife holding hands to commemorate their wedding day or their anniversary.

See more examples in our Gallery.

Pregnant Bellymask with painted design


Preserve the memory of your pregnancy forever with this lightweight bellymask. We can mask just the belly, or the whole front torso.
We also offer several different finishes including mosaic, painted designs, metallics. We are open to any suggestions you may have.

See more examples in our Gallery.

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